Car seat expiration dates: what they are and why they matter

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - In recent years, child car seat manufacturers have determined expiration dates for their restraints: six years from the date of manufacture.

Cindy Kovar from the Brazos Valley Injury Prevention Coalition says there are a few reasons why car seats expire from safe use.

"Car seats typically live inside cars, and depending where you live temperatures inside your vehicle can range from 50 below zero to 140 degrees," said Kovar. "Through these extreme temperature changes the car seat sits and endures and these climate fluctuations—and time—take a toll on the plastics."

Furthermore, having the latest technology based on intense crash tests and scientific research is important too.

"Car seats and your child's safety is really something to spend money on," Kovar said. "We spend money on clothes and toys; why not prioritize their safety?"

If you are concerned that you cannot afford an updated car seat, call the BVIPC at (979) 862-1921 for information on organizations that can help.