'Unity for the Community' car wash held in Bryan to give back to the community

Published: Jun. 6, 2020 at 5:47 PM CDT
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On Saturday, residents in Bryan came together to hold a 'Unity for the Community' car wash.

"It kind of coincides with the black lives matter situation that we're facing. It's 'unity for the community,' so we're just trying to give back and do things for the community," said Joanna Rhodes, an organizer for the event.

Rhodes says this is another way of making your voice heard.

"You can show the world that all lives matter and not just in a violent manner. You don't necessarily have to protest and stand on the side of the street you can do positive things in the community," said Rhodes.

Dillon Lute, who helped clean cars at the event says the protests across the country in response to the death of George Floyd are shedding light on how our community wants change.

"This is something that needs to happen. It happened in an unexpected way and probably a way that people didn't want it to happen as far as the death, but everybody is coming together, especially out here. It says a lot about the community and who we have surrounding us," said Lute.

The hope is that gestures as simple as a car wash will keep the conversation going.

"Let's not stop here. Let's keep going with it. It doesn't have to stop at a car wash or a Black Lives Matter event," said Lute.

The proceeds from the car wash will go to families and kids in need in the Bryan community. It will help with things like school supplies for their children.

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