Celebrities announce interest in buying NFL team

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In trending news this morning, Diddy wants to buy the Panthers, a cow escapes a live nativity scene, and AIM has been retired.

First up, Diddy wants to be the new owner of the Carolina Panthers. He made the announcement on Instagram Sunday night. He said there are no African American majority owners in the NFL and that it's time for diversity.

N-B-A superstar Steph Curry is also showing interest. He re-tweeted Diddy shortly after the announcement saying "I want in!"

Also trending, not once, but twice, a cow named "Stormy" escaped a live nativity scene and was captured by police after roaming around I-95 in Philadelphia. The brilliant bovine figured out how to push the gate open and set herself free.

Fortunately, Stormy wasn't injured in either of her escapes, but her live performing days are over for now. She has been sent back to the farm and replaced with her younger daughter, "Ginger."

Lastly, after 20 years of service, the AOL Instant Messenger was taken off line Friday. AIM launched in 1997 and it was so popular it made cameo appearances in "You've Got Mail" and "Sex and the City."

Over the years, users shifted from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets -- and AIM failed to shift with them. Social media is filling up with posts from users with fond memories of the grandfather of instant messaging.