Check out the view of Aggie Gameday from a helicopter

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - In trending news this morning, a flyover pilot captures the view of Aggieland from above, a Japanese Billionaire will the the first civilian in space, and a popular DJ holds a concert at Stonehenge.

First up, a helicopter pilot captured the view from the flyover at Saturday's Texas A&M football game against University of Louisiana, Monroe.

The video video of the 1-158 AHB Ghostriders has received thousands of likes and shares on social media. It was taken by CW3 Ross Thomman who was flying in the fourth helicopter.

Also trending, SpaceX has announce who will be the first man to fly around the moon just for fun. Japanese Billionaire, Yasuka Maezawa will fly aboard the "Big Falcon Rocket," which is expected to happen in 2023.

Maezawa says he would bring at least six artists with him to share the experience. The first test flights for the Big Falcon Rocket are set for 2019.

Lastly, Paul Oakenfold is the first-ever artist to play at Stonehenge. The popular DJ held a private concert at the mysterious site over the weekend.

The iconic stones were illuminated in an awe-inspiring light display. Sales of Oakenfold's new album will help English Heritage protect and preserve the monument for future generations.