Chester Jackson, Jr. case: Lawyer says Jackson is slowly progressing

Published: Jun. 9, 2019 at 9:50 PM CDT
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U.A. Lewis an attorney for Chester Jackson Jr. says the Somerville man is making progress, but still cannot speak.

According to the attorney, Jackson is now undergoing therapy treatment at an Austin hospital.

Thursday, new documents related to the Chester Jackson, Jr. case were released by Burleson County authorities. Meanwhile, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's office is being asked to weigh in on the release of other public records requested by his attorney and KBTX.

On Thursday, Burleson County Justice of the Peace Pct. 4 Judge Robert W. Urbanosky's office released copies of the citation, affidavit, and two magistrate admonishment forms for Jackson's public intoxication arrest and detention in the Burleson County Jail in April.

The release of the documents came 40 days after they were requested by Jackson's attorney, U.A. Lewis.

Lewis points out in the newly released records, there is no case number on the arrest affidavit and it was signed by Burleson County authorities four days after Jackson's April 19 arrest outside his Somerville home.

An admonishment form provided to Lewis shows Jackson first appeared in front of Judge Urbanosky on Saturday, April 20, but there's no time listed on the document. Lewis says Jackson's signature is also missing from the form.

Just after midnight on Sunday, April 21, Jackson appeared before Burleson County Justice of the Peace Pct. 2 Judge Bill Orsak. According to records, this happened less than an hour after Jackson appears to be shoved in his jail cell by a Caldwell police officer.

On Monday, May 24, the Caldwell officer was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into misconduct involving Jackson. Lewis says the officer is a former employee of the Washington County Sheriff's Office and was terminated from his previous job in February 2014.

Lewis has asked Washington County for the entire personnel including disciplinary records, and or complaints of the officer, but on Thursday the county's attorney sent the request to Paxton's office for an opinion.

Assistant Washington County Attorney Kacie Murphy writes in her request to the Attorney General that the release of the records will potentially affect the officer's personal privacy interests.

KBTX requested those same records from the Washington County Sheriff's Office, and we were told they could only be obtained by filing an open records request with the county's human resources office.

KBTX has also requested a number of records and documents related to Jackson's arrest from Burleson County, but authorities said they're also seeking an opinion from the Attorney General's office before releasing those records.

The Texas Rangers are investigating what happened to Jackson and how he ended up on life support after he was taken from the Burleson County jail to a psychiatric hospital in Austin.

Hours after arriving at Cross Creek hospital on Sunday, April 21, the staff had to put him in a choke hold and gave him a sedative, according to 911 records.

Jackson then went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. He was rushed to another hospital in Austin where he was in a coma and on life support, said his attorney.

Today he's improving and remains in an Austin hospital in stable condition.