Chester Jackson alleges he was sexually assaulted while in custody

Published: Dec. 16, 2019 at 5:35 PM CST
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Chester Jackson is alleging he was sexually assaulted while in custody, according to his attorney.

Houston-based attorney U.A. Lewis is representing Jackson and made the revelation Monday after a court hearing in Caldwell.

In body camera footage released earlier this year, Lewis said when Jackson stated "...he's been doing it for years. Check me..." he was referring to a sexual assault allegedly by one of the law enforcement officers.

Lewis was in court asking for more information from Burleson County, the city of Caldwell and the Texas Rangers.

She is filing subpoenas to get information on former Caldwell Police Sergeant Robert Baucom. He was indicted for official oppression.

Lewis is also asking for information from the Texas Rangers on the investigation they performed and information related to former Burleson County Sheriff Thomas Norsworthy.

Norsworthy abruptly resigned in October citing personal reasons.

Lewis said everything she is asking for is public information.

“We first asked for this information back in October. Obviously we're concerned about why Sheriffs Norsworthy abruptly resigned. We believe that information could be material to Mr. Jackson’s defense for the simple fact that he was under the care, custody, and control of Sheriff Norsworthy while this was going on," Lewis said.

Monday in court, both the district and city attorneys told the judge they did not feel that the information subpoenaed was relevant to the Chester Jackson case.

The judge asked all parties to send a briefing to her by January 10 before she makes a decision.