Chill blows in for weekend plans

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - After the rain, a brisk northwest wind kicks up across the Brazos Valley this weekend. Let that wind blow long enough and temperatures are expected to feel more winter-like, once again.

Saturday is expected to start with temperatures in the upper 50s across much of the Brazos Valley. Even with sunshine breaking out of overcast skies, thermometers drop to the mid-50s by mid-morning through midday.

Working on a rebound to the upper 50s by mid-afternoon before the next wave of cold air reaches the area. That should be enough to add a decent upper 40s / low 50s chill for supper plans.

Patchy frost possible for some Sunday morning as lows fall to the upper 30s. A continued breeze means another day of chilled sunshine to close out the weekend.