Chris Pratt among celebrities in Super Bowl commercials

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In trending news this morning, Michelob Ultra has a new spokesman, plus Amazon opens its new Sphere offices, and an elephant goes abroad.

First up, actor Chris Pratt is the new spokesman for Michelob Ultra. He stars in a new Super Bowl commercial for the low calorie beer, where he's seen training for the debut role.

Pratt is one of several celebrities getting commercial air time during Sunday's Super Bowl. Others include Cindy Crawford, Martha Stewart, Danny DeVito and Tiffany Haddish.

Also trending, Amazon has created an office for some of its employees that's unlike any other work space in the country. After years of construction, the amazon spheres have opened in Seattle.

The inside has 40,000 plants, 400 different types of species spanning five continents and 50 countries. The are no cubicles or office desks in the spheres, which were built with 620 tons of steel and 26 hundred panes of glass. It has been tested for things like earthquakes and wind. The company's goal was to help bring people and nature together to hopefully inspire the next big idea.

Lastly, a wild elephant surprised Chinese border officials on Saturday when it decided to go international. The elephant carefully stepped over road blocks to enter Laos.

The abroad trip lasted less than two hours and then the elephant crossed over again, back to his home country. Border Patrol officials say elephants often look for food in neighboring areas during the cold winter months.