City of Bryan and Planet K reach agreement about outdoor sign

BRYAN, Tex. The city of Bryan and Planet K have reportedly come to an agreement about the head shop's sign along Texas Avenue, KBTX has learned.

The company that owns the Planet K franchise, Auspro Enterprises, sued the city and the Zoning Board of Adjustment last year after it was denied a permit for the sign advertising the business.

Tuesday night, Bryan City Manager Kean Register said the two sides have reached a settlement, but declined specifics until its finalized with Auspro Enterprises.

That's expected to happen sometime Wednesday, Register said.

The settlement was discussed in executive session Tuesday, and the council voted in favor of approving it but did not discuss details.

Auspro Enterprise's attorney, Meredith Parenti, also confirmed the settlement to KBTX, but was still waiting for the city manager to sign off on it.

The freestanding sign has an area of 128 square feet and a height of 20 feet. The city said the sign was not in compliance with city requirements for outdoor signs.

In its lawsuit, Auspro Enterprises said, "the sign is its marketing lifeblood and that it is surrounded by others that are even larger and of greater height."

This doesn't resolve the issue of Planet K conducting business transactions in an area of the city that's not zoned for an adult novelty store.

The city has issued multiple citations to Planet K, and refuses to connect power to the building, but that isn't stopping the Austin-based business from selling its merchandise from pop-up tents in the parking lot.