City of Bryan releases Midtown plan

Published: Feb. 17, 2020 at 12:10 PM CST
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The City of Bryan is moving forward with plans for Midtown, an area just south of Downtown Bryan to the area just north of Northgate at the College Station border.

Monday morning the city released their plan after more than a year of planning and community input.

The plans include five experience districts, which will have their own identity.

"I think the City of Bryan saw that development was going too fast, too quick with no plan and they kind of came in and well let's let it go fast but with a plan," said Barry Ivins, who owns Carney's Pub and Grill located in Bryan's newly named Midtown. He and is family also live in the Midtown area.

The city's long-term plan calls for destinations in different areas. Ivins is in what's called the Union Hill District. It will have a food-centric identity and lots of pedestrian improvements near businesses like The Chicken Oil Company and the Farm Patch along South College Avenue.

Ivins said he had lots of questions when he first heard about the Midtown concept.

"That's why I asked to be a part of the committee because of the concerns I had. And growing this area you know this area is really dear to us living here working here," he said. "You know that was part of why I reached out but you know real excited about seeing this become the gateway to Bryan and see how it develops," said Ivins.

The city wants also residents to look at the plans they've been working on.

The plan has Pattern Zoning. The new development will be fast-tracked if they use pre-approved building patterns, for everything from houses, apartments to mixed-use.

The city says the recommendations will be on a voluntary basis as much as possible

"What we bring forward is as voluntary as we can make it and so that the regulations while some things might change for people it's not like anyone's going to actively come in and make you change something," said Lindsay Hackett, Bryan Midtown Project Manager.

“I think for the people that are concerned about the growth you know we’ve definitely seen the growth is already happening and what we’re trying to do is you know to create something that can be beneficial for people across the board," she said.

Other big changes in the plan include concepts for new businesses and a food truck park by the Bombers Ballpark.

Residents like Timothy Castillo were seeing the designs for the first time.

"I think it's great for our area," said Castillo of Bryan.

Castillo was walking across from the current baseball parking lot on West Carson Street when KBTX stopped to show him renderings.

"It would be nice to have some kind of attractions around here. I mean that would be pretty neat. There's not really very much entertainment thing going around here so food trucks," Castillo said.

The plan and zoning changes will go through a final approval process over the next several months. There will also be a public meeting and then review by the Planning & Zoning Commission and Bryan City Council.

If you'd like to see the latest plans we have them attached in the related links section of this story.

 Midtown schedule

  • Feb. 17, 2020: Midtown Area Plan released
  • March 17, 2020: Bryan City Council Workshop (presentation by staff; no action taken)
  • March 23, 2020: Final public meeting on the plan: Crockett Elementary
  • April 2, 2020: Bryan Planning and Zoning Commission (presentation by staff; recommendation to City Council)
  • May 12, 2020: Bryan City Council Regular Meeting (action taken by the council)