City of Bryan says Planet K is operating without a permit

Published: Sep. 14, 2018 at 5:52 PM CDT
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Planet K on Texas Avenue says it's open for business, but the City of Bryan won’t turn on the lights because the Austin-based business doesn't have a commercial permit.

The city has also said that land isn't zoned for that kind of business, but that's not stopping Planet K from still selling its paraphernalia in the parking lot.

At a news conference Friday, the business said it has also reached an agreement with Texas A&M and will remove all Aggie-related images from it's mural on the building. The issue of copyright and trademark violations were brought to the university's attention after the mural was complete.

Residents like Richter say their biggest concern is what's around the corner from the head shop: a school, daycare, and a local church.

"I understand business and everything, and I understand there's a need for it, but just the location of where it's at does bring up some concerns," said Bryan resident, Veronica Richter.

Planet K's owner Michael Kleinman says he's not a threat.

"We do not sell pornography. We do sell sexual aides of all kinds.” Kleinman continued. “The only way that kids can go in is with their parents. So, if parents don't want their kids to go in, they just don't go in."

But Kleinman didn't have many answers when we asked why he didn't have a permit to operate a business.

“Talk to the City of Bryan. I don’t know why, they’ve got issues,” Kleinman said.

In the parking lot, they are selling things like grinders, pipes, and vape oils. The City of Bryan says the store submitted paperwork for a commercial permit, but they were denied due to insufficient documentation.

"They don't get to afflict their choice on me or our customers or our business. If people don't want to come in the store, they don't have to," Kleinman said.

The City of Bryan says a vendor permit is required to sell items in a parking lot, and Planet K does not have one. The City says it's notifying the owner and they're giving them a chance to rectify the issue before taking action.