City of College Station fires contractor for Francis Drive project

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) The City of College Station is getting just as frustrated as you are with construction projects falling behind schedule.

Construction on Francis Dive started just over a year ago.

Repairs to the street, water line and wastewater line were meant to take a year-and-a- half, but the city says Hassell Construction is several months behind.

“We didn’t see them starting to make the progress to catch up where we wanted. So we felt like the best thing to do was to go ahead and terminate the contract and look for somebody else to come in and hopefully complete the work,” said Bryan Woods, College Station City Manager.

The city cut ties with the construction company last Thursday, which now raises concerns for residents like Frank Duchmasclo.

“They got to get bids and the low bid, high bid, and all of that and then finalize the deal. I’m wondering as a person that lives here, I’m wondering how long all that’s going to take,” said Duchmasclo.

The city says it’s doing what it can, as fast as it can.

“We’ve initiated an emergency contract to get a contractor out there to continue this portion of the work,” said Woods.

The city plans to hold a meeting in the next couple of weeks to update residents on the progress.