City of College Station helps people avoid jail with Warrant Amnesty Program

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - The City of College Station is once again helping people take care of outstanding warrants while also avoiding jail. Tuesday, presiding Judge Ed Spillane appeared on Brazos Valley This Morning to talk about the Warrant Amnesty/Warrant Roundup Program.

"What that means is if you know you have a warrant or think you have a warrant, you come to court, take care of your case, we'll waive the $50 warrant fee and more importantly, you won't be arrested," said Spillane.

Created in 2007, the program has since helped clear more than 6,000 warrants valued at over $2 million, according to the city's website. The program is put on twice each year. The first Warrant Amnesty period of 2019 begins February 11 and runs until March.