City of College Station looking to streamline business into the city

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - It's time to end the the strict standards put on prospective businesses and development, say College Station officials.

"There have been folks who have made comments to that affect," says College Station Mayor Karl Mooney. That College Station is not as business friendly as it might claim to be."

Mooney says council members as well as Planning and Development are focusing on bringing in more business. Staff is taking a hard look at zoning rules as well as architectural standards.

"We are trying to not necessarily reduce standards," says Mooney. "But at least make it easier for people to meet those standards."

Blake's Steaks is one College Station business that just recently went through the process of opening a business in town, and its owner says it only took a month to gain approval from the city.

"The process went pretty smooth," says Blake Zeitman, owner of Blake's Steaks. "We went to the city, told them what we were doing, and laid out the steps. We knocked them down one, two, three. Took us less times than getting our permits from everyone else."

The mayor says he is really pushing for new business and development now before the next legislative session. He fears there will be changes in Austin dealing with the sales tax.

"We want our folks to know here that College station is open for business," says Mooney. "One of the things that will help us the most is to have more businesses gathering more sales tax, and sales tax is becoming a big concern."

The mayor told KBTX that recent changes to the College Station's development ordinance is already getting positive feedback.