City of Franklin working to distribute $90,000 donation

FRANKLIN, Tex. (KBTX)- On the one month anniversary of the tornado that hit Franklin, the city was given more than $90,000 to help its victims. The money came from community donations that were also matched by a local bank.

Monday afternoon Franklin’s long term recovery committee met for the first time to start discussing the best way to distribute the money.

"We're trying to put needs together with resources. We're working on the best way that we can distribute this money so that it's best used to help the people that really need it. We're working on that and we hope to have all that put together in some working order fairly soon,” said Mayor Molly Hedrick.

The mayor says she hopes to partner with a tax exempt organization.

"What I envision is being able to tell the 501c3 entity these are the people we want to write the checks to and that will be the decision of a small group, probably a committee of five or so,” said Hedrick.

Rodney Green says he lost everything and he’s thankful for all the help they have been receiving.

"Everybody come together and helping us and I appreciate that. That's the love. I mean just for this community for everybody to come together and try to help us out like that,” said Green.

The long term recovery committee plan to meet every Wednesday. They ask if you haven’t done so already, to visit City Hall and report any damage done to your property.