City of Navasota opposes Texas bill that would lift local building restrictions

NAVASOTA, Tex. (KBTX) - A bill passed by the Texas legislature would prevent local municipalities from establishing their own ordinances for building codes and materials.

The bill, HB 2359, is on Governor Greg Abbott's desk for his consideration. The Navasota city council hopes the governor will veto the bill.

"We've had two fires in downtown Navasota's history that have destroyed the area," said Navasota Mayor Bert Miller. "Now, we have ordinances that require construction and renovations there to be concrete and steel-based."

Miller says he understands that the state wants to deregulate certain building standards, but Miller says he knows his city and what its construction needs are.

"We work hard to make sure we're business-friendly," said Miller. "We just have specific local needs, just like a lot of cities do."

If this bill becomes law, international and federal building codes would still apply.

The Navasota City Council unanimously passed a resolution Monday to ask Gov. Abbott to veto HB 2349.