City of Bryan updates plans for Sue Haswell Park

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - The City of Bryan has been working to renovate parts of Sue Haswell Park this year.

The city updated KBTX on their plans for the park's fields, pool, and overall park design. One major maintenance issue that the city faces is the moat that surrounds the gazebo.

Seth and Sean Outland have been coming to the park for the past few weeks to feed the turtles that live in the moat. They discovered empty bottles, cans and chip bags in the water.

"The turtles are still living and we have to take care of them," said Seth.

Deputy City Manager Hugh Walker addressed their concerns.

"Because of the nature of the layout of the park, when we get heavy rains, that particular area typically floods and so when it floods it instantly looks like it is dirty all over again," said Walker.

Back in April of this year, storms caused the city to close the Haswell Park's baseball fields temporarily for repairs.

Walker says that they will be taking down the light poles and turning the fields into recreational ones. The poles are expected to be removed later this month.

Another big issue for the park is the nearly 62-year-old pool. The pool hasn't been open all summer because of much-needed repairs that would cost $110,000 to meet water standards.

Walker says that there aren't any confirmed plans but added that it is "pretty slim" they will make the much-needed repairs to the pool.

The city will be evaluating plans for the park once TXDOT confirms the outline of the makeover to William J. Bryan Parkway, which surrounds the park.

Work is expected to start in the fall of 2020. The $13 million project will be paid for through the Bryan/College Station Metropolitan Planning Organization.