Cold, wet Wednesday ahead for the Brazos Valley

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FEBRUARY 6th, 2018 -- Thought the foggy, chilly, damp weather from Tuesday was uncomfortable? Wednesday will be even harder to walk out the door to with brisk wind chills and more rain on the way for the Brazos Valley.

A cold front will allow winds to kick up between 10 and 15mph, with gusts 20 to 25mph between 3am and noon. Temperatures are expected to fall to the mid and upper 30s by daybreak Wednesday -- factor in the wind and feels like conditions are in the 20s and low 30s.

Even with the gusts relaxing by afternoon, wind chill values are expected in the mid-to-upper 30s at best for mid-week plans.

More rain is expected to reach the Brazos Valley by sunrise Wednesday. A disturbance over the mountains of Mexico Wednesday night will move rain into Southwest Texas (Del Rio to Laredo) around midnight. That cluster of rain then moves through San Antonio before reaching areas east of I-35 between 5am and 7am.

While this is not expected to be heavy rain, an additional 1/10" to 1/4" of rain is possible before sunset Wednesday.

Looking to bring patches of blue sky back to the Brazos Valley by Thursday. The hope is that chance materializes, otherwise overcast, cloudy conditions seem to be the trend from Friday through the middle-to-end of the upcoming week.