Cold, wet Wednesday expected for the Brazos Valley

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DECEMBER 5th, 2017 -- Temperatures dropped 20° to 30° in the wake of Tuesday morning's cold front. Wednesday brings widespread rain and highs in the 40s to the Brazos Valley.

Overnight, rain is expected to increase from the west to east across the area. Activity will likely be spotty for northern counties first thing and more widespread for the central & southern half of the area. Regardless, expect wet weather to take over by mid-morning for all, lingering into the afternoon & evening hours.

For the most part, this will be a slow & soaking rainfall for the Brazos Valley. Up to 1/4" is expected across the northeastern corner of the area, with 1/2" to 1" for the Central and Southern Brazos Valley.

Cloudy skies, brisk north winds, and widespread rain means that temperatures will not be able to move much Wednesday.

Morning temperatures kick off in the upper 30s (northeast) to low 40s. Through the day, thermometers are expected to bobble between 41° and 46°. Factor in that brisk north wind & it will feel like 35° - 42° at best when you consider the wind chill.

While this will not be the overall theme for Wednesday, there is a possibility for a few sleet pellets to mix in with the rain at times -- best potential falls across the Western & Northern Brazos Valley before 9am.

That said -- and this is the important part -- temperatures will remain well above freezing and ground temperatures are in the upper 60s. Any ice pellets that manage to mix in Wednesday will melt on contact. No ice accumulation is expected. No impact to travel are anticipated

If this light rain can carry into Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, the Northern Brazos Valley could experience a rain / snow mix. Same as above, no accumulation or impacts are expected.