College Station considering new ordinance for ofo bikes

Published: Jun. 28, 2018 at 9:58 PM CDT
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On Thursday, the council met to discuss numerous items on their agenda including an ordinance involving the ofo bikes.

The city is considering charging ofo $125 dollars for the bikes that aren't picked in the allotted time. Another option discussed is adding more bike racks around town, and adding more code enforcement officers to patrol and keep track of the misplaced bikes.

"It's still in the process and the city staff will come back with an actual ordinance once it's been cleared through legal. I am sure that it will be consistent with what other cities have had and what ofo and similar businesses do," said councilman John Nichols.

Out of the 170,000 rides so far, 3,400 bikes were not properly returned back to their racks.

"We've seem them all over the place and it is an issue. That is why we are working to see what we, the city, can do to help keep the problem under control," said Nichols.

Another option they are hoping ofo will consider is expanding their "geofence" so students and other people can use the bikes and travel farther places.

"This is something both ofo, the city and Texas A&M need to come together on because I personally would love to see more people ride bikes instead of driving so we can free up some of that traffic. But like anything, there has to be consequences for not returning the bikes to where they belong," said Nichols.

The city is hoping to have an ordinance in place by the beginning of next school year.

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