College Station PD give details about texting and driving law

Published: Sep. 12, 2017 at 5:32 PM CDT
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On Sept. 11, the College Station City Council voted to repeal their hands-free ordinance.

With two laws in effect, drivers still seem to be confused on what CSPD is focusing more on.

"College Station has a certain policy, and the State actually came up with a new policy, so they kind of interfere with each other, so, yeah, I was kind of confused about it," said Brennen Tobias, a student at Texas A&M.

Lieutenant Steven Brock of the College Station Police Department explains what his crew will be doing during the interim period.

"So, right now, the new state law that prohibits texting while driving is what we will be enforcing," explained Lt. Brock

The city ordinance stated that drivers could only use their phone if it was in "hands-free mode".

"They couldn't use their GPS, music, or anything while the vehicle was in motion," said Lt. Brock.

The new state law only prohibits texting.

"Basically, the state law says that you can look for a playlist, you can enter an address in your GPS, and you can talk on your phone," said Lt. Brock.

According to Lt. Brock, the only time you can text is if you are stationary in your vehicle, like at a stop sign or a red light.

"Officers aren't going to seize and search phones on a stop like that," said Lt. Brock.

The city isn't in any rush to take down the "Hands-Free" and city ordinance signs, but CSPD still says they are sticking with the state law.

"Our officers are not pulling people over for the ordinance violation and we're not writing citations anymore for that," said Lt. Brock.

Officers still encourage drivers to stay off their phones while driving.

"Only use your phone in hands-free mode, regardless of the new state law, because it makes it more safe," said Lt. Brock.