Locals react to news of suspicious activity in neighborhood

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX)- The Edelweiss neighborhood sits between Graham Road and Rock Prairie Road between Wellborn and Victoria Avenue in South College Station.

Residents described the area as quiet and safe.

"We chose this neighborhood for a lot of reasons, one being it's a really good area and it's safe," said Amanda Groom an Edelweiss resident.

"There's never anything really that happens here."

That's why Groom says it was surprising to hear about what happened last week.

An 11-year-old told detectives that she went outside to get the mail and saw a car pass by that she had noticed earlier in the day. The car then proceeded down the street, stopped, then three men jumped out of the car and began running towards her. She then ran back inside her home.

The story has shaken up those who live in the neighborhood.

"It just made me realize that we just need to be on alert all the time," said Groom.

Police are asking residents to report anything or anyone that seems out of place.

"You're looking at their actions, what is it that the person is doing that is suspicious," said Assistant Chief, Chuck Fleeger with College Station Police Department, "What is it that's causing you concern and then you relay that to our dispatchers so that we can get an officer out there."

College Station police said they don't have an exact make or model of the vehicle, but it was described as a small, light-blue colored car.