College Station car accidents involving pedestrians tripled over last eight years

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) -- The College Station Police Department says the number of car accidents involving pedestrians has tripled over the last eight years, and the majority of those crashes are happening near Texas A&M University.

Fall is one of the busiest times of the year in College Station with students back at school and football season in full swing.

"After the game, you have a lot of people trying to cross the roadway. They may be going to Northgate, may be trying to go to their vehicle," said Lt. Craig Anderson with the College Station Police Department.

However, it's the congestion near Texas A&M that's making it hard for both drivers and those traveling on foot.

"It's pretty frustrating. Cars will run red lights and you got to watch for that all the time, and bikes will cut you off, too. They don't really care. Everyone's just kind of rushing," said Texas A&M University student Zachary Morgan.

Students like Morgan say they are extra cautious when walking to class. According to CSPD, spots like University Drive, George Bush Drive, and Wellborn Road are the most common places where people get hit.

"I give the drivers the right of way now, because you never know when they're actually going to stop. It's tougher on the pedestrians especially," said Srujan Kancherla, a Texas A&M University student.

CSPD said construction and road closures also play a factor in the accidents.

"You have orange cones. You have lights. You have pedestrians. You have a lot of extra cars, so a lot of things can be included in that," Lt. Anderson said.

Lt. Anderson said it takes everyone putting down distractions and minding others on the roadway to keep accident numbers down. CSPD says the top five reasons that pedestrians get hit in College Station are failure to yield, distractions, speeding, population growth, and alcohol and drugs.