College Station family posts obituary ad for pet chicken

Published: Jan. 23, 2018 at 10:23 PM CST
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The owner of a chicken named "Big Mama" shared her obituary as an ad in the The Eagle newspaper.

The ode to the hen spoke of how the Sword family rescued her from being put down in 2013. She no longer had to be cooped up and spent the rest of her days with 24/7 love in College Station.

"We considered her a family member from the very beginning. Because of our love for her, we knew she was deserving of an obituary," said Stephanie Sword.

Darren Benson, the managing editor for The Eagle, said it's not everyday something like this comes across his desk.

"It's fun to watch stories like that go around and get passed around and see what people are commenting. There's been some humor and we think it's great that they took the effort to do it, they submitted a nice photo with it so it's a good story all the way around," said Benson.

The family wants to bring awareness that every animal's life is worth saving, even a chicken.

"We never expected the type of response we've received since the obituary was published. It's been phenomenal! We're just hoping that the story of Big Mama will remind others that every life, even that of a chicken, is valuable and worth saving," said Sword.

There was no fowl play involved in Big Mama's death.

The Sword family believes their beloved chicken has made it to the other side in peace.

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