College Station looking at better mobility along University Drive

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - College Station transportation engineers are working to make your drive down University Drive a little easier.

They recently re-timed traffic signals near campus to give drivers more green time and now pedestrians have their own dedicated time to cross.

They expect that area to be very busy of course for the football game this weekend.

You may have noticed all the new No Turn On Red signs. The city engineers said they are working on tweaking that.

"The thought behind that is, pedestrians can cross any of the legs of the intersection safely without vehicles conflicting with them. On the flip side, vehicles have their green time that they can move through the intersection without having pedestrians occupying that same crossing time," said Troy Rother, College Station City Traffic Engineer.

The city will be looking at adjustments to improve mobility in the coming months.