College Station making changes to FM 2818 corridor to address traffic

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - College Station is working on traffic changes along the FM 2818 corridor as the city continues to grow in that direction.

The city is doing several things to relieve congestion.

The area along FM 2818 is booming in College Station.

Driving through, there doesn't seem to be an end to new apartments and places to live.

That's causing congestion at 2818 and Holleman Drive and even further south.

"It's a high traffic area," said Shelia McQueen of College Station.

Her Resale Den is at 2818 and Longmire Drive.

The city recently approved spending $75,000 to upgrade the intersection and install new traffic signals.

"Timing to the red lights maybe could be just a little bit longer so the traffic wouldn't cue up you know so much at a particular side," suggested McQueen.

Just down the street work is under way to add an additional left turn lane at Holleman Drive for traffic turning north onto 2818.

The city is also close to activating a new signal at Holleman Drive South and Market Street.

They've removed on street parking on Cottage Lane and Market Street to ease congestion. Tuesday, the road was lined with cars with parking tickets.

With hundreds of new apartments in the 2818 corridor, the city is playing catch up to the changing traffic. They hope these efforts will address one of residents' biggest concerns.

"It gets really backed up, school buses, you know the high school kids are driving now just about everything, same thing with 5 o'clock traffic lunch traffic. You know all of it gets really congested," said McQueen.

Construction bids are expected to go out for Longmire Drive and FM 2818 early next year.

That should also include pedestrian improvements like new sidewalks, ramps and lighting.