College Station police say intruder stands over person as they sleep

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - College Station Police say a person living at The Junction apartment complex reported a break-in early Monday morning. The victim says someone was standing over them while they slept. Police say the unwanted home intruder quickly left after the resident awoke, and no one was physically harmed.

This is the second report made to police about an intruder entering an apartment at that complex since January. Since then, the victim said she woke up when the man who entered her apartment ejaculated on her while she was sleeping.

Investigators are not sure if Monday's intruder was planning on doing the same.

KBTX reached out to The Junction apartments for comment on the recent report. They declined to comment or answer questions while the investigation is ongoing. However, they wanted to make clear that the safety and well being of their residents will always be a top priority.

"I don't really have much of a reaction. This is kind of something that is expected," says Ashley Castellanos. Castellanos lives in the nearby complex, The Cottages. She says there are similar issues.

"There are stories of a man like standing over someone's bed and just watching them. Another break-inn happened two doors down from me," said Castellanos.

That break in at The Cottages was reported to College Station police last June. In that instance, the victim told officers a man wearing war paint was walking around her house.

In the first two cases, the apartments were left unlocked when the residents went to bed. Investigators say Monday's break-in shows no signs of forced entry.

Police urge people to use common sense in the future, and lock their doors.

"No matter where you are staying at, whether it is a large city or College Station," says Lt. Craig Anderson, Public Information Officer with CSPD. "You have those common safety things that need to take place."

In January, College Station police said they had received more than a dozens calls about suspicious persons entering apartments over the last two years. When asked why the apartment complexes in that area appear to be a target, Lt. Anderson could not say for certain.

Castellanos believes the two complexes' distance from campus could make them a target for people looking to break-in. However, she also feels that students need to be more on their guard.

"They are going to target students because they are a bit more ignorant with these sort of things," says Castellanos. "They are more trusting. It is good to be an Aggie, but sometimes people take that a little too far."

College Station police could not say if they have any persons of interest or leads at this time. They could also not say if the multiple break-ins are connected.