College Station preschool staff receives active-shooter training

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - With mass shootings happening in unexpected places including schools, movie theaters, concerts, and churches, active-shooter training is becoming a routine in many public places. Now, Aggieland Preschool Academy in College Station is taking those extra measures to keep our children safe.

Police and experts Monday visited the preschool to offer the staff an active-shooter training course.

"I wanted to bring some professionals in that actually know what would happen, how the situation would occur, what to expect, where to go, where not to take the children, just with the safety of children in mind," said the owner and director of Aggieland Preschool Academy, Angeline Watanabe.

She added that while they hope they never have to use the training, it is something they need to be prepared for.

"In this modern-day, it's unfortunate that this is where we're at, but you just never know. I just feel like the parents want to have this sense of security knowing that if something were to happen, we would know what to do and how to get the children out safely and just have a plan," Watanabe said.

One mother, Kristen Norris, said she appreciates that the preschool staff prioritizes her child's safety while she's at work.

"Becoming a mom is suddenly, everything becomes scary, and it's things you'd never think about. Now you're like walking through the parking lot thinking, 'Is someone going to back up?' So knowing that there's one more thing they're prepared for is very important," Norris said.

Watanabe said they're also getting panic buttons and bulletproof windows installed soon.