College Station sisters attend ceremony at Ellington Field to see President 41

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - The former president impacted young lives in the Brazos Valley. Two local teens met President George H.W. Bush three years ago and were invited to a special ceremony Monday morning to honor the late president.

The Cunningham sisters have been dedicated to public service since they were in elementary school by creating a non-profit to help kids have better access to books. On Monday morning, they were invited to see the president off to Washington, D.C. one final time.

Three years ago, Harper and Maggie Cunningham were awarded a 'Daily Point of Light' award by President Bush for their work in the Brazos Valley.

"We went to some of our friends' houses when we were in elementary school and we saw they didn't very many books at their houses, if they had any. We wanted to make sure all kids had books," said Maggie Cunningham with Books and a Blanket.

They created 'Books and a Blanket' for their classmates to have easier access to books.

"He inspired so many people to contribute to their community and to give back, and that's what I hope is always remembered about him,” said Harper Cunningham.

Sunday night, the sisters got a call they were invited to another special ceremony. This time, to watch as the Bush family flew to Washington, D.C. with President 41 in tow.

"That was a really neat honor to be able to celebrate a man who valued service so much," Harper said.

The two teens say the president embodied public service and selfless acts, and he's inspiring them to keep giving back and paying it forward.

"You don't have to be a president to give back to people. Anybody can give back and anybody can make a difference," Maggie said.

Harper and Maggie said they were honored to meet other Points of Light Award winners on Monday morning. As for the organization, they plan on passing on the torch to another group when they graduate high school.