College Station veteran has tires, rims stolen from new pickup

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - A College Station man is warning his neighbors about a quick crime.

He's the latest victim to wake up and find his truck sitting on blocks. It's the third one to happen in recent weeks, according to College Station police.

It wasn't how Felix Munguia expected to start his day.

"I came out and noticed that all four wheels were missing. I had heard of previous reporting of this happening, but I guess like a typical person I just felt it never would happen to me," said Munguia.

The retired Marine and Vietnam Veteran said this is the first time in 12 years he's had an issue in the Spring Brook neighborhood.

“There's people out there doing wrong things but there’s people in College Station doing the right things. I called Chris Terrell with Tom Light Chevrolet, where I purchased the vehicle and I told him what had happened, and he told me he’d take care of it. And they got me four new wheels, four new tires," said Munguia. "They got A-1 coming here taking it back and they're going to go make sure nothing was damaged underneath," he said.

Munguia thought nearby streetlights and lights in his own yard would have been a deterrent.

"It lights up the whole driveway then. I've got a light on the tree that lights up that area there. I've got several lights on the trees so there's not a dark spot in the yard," he said.

College Station police said two other vehicles had tires stolen last month in Emerald Forest.

"Normally, it happens very quickly in the middle of the night. The people will come in a lot of them from out of town. They move very, very fast and they're opportunists. They're looking for usually newer model trucks," said Officer Tristen Lopez with College Station Police. "They're taking those tires and rims so they can go try to turn a profit selling them," he said.

Munguia is thinking about installing a security camera.

"Hopefully, with this interview, it can make our neighborhood a lit bit more aware," he said. "My advice is that's all you can do is just put out some deterrents and hope that you don't get hit," said Munguia.

Police are asking anyone with home security cameras in the Spring Brook Neighborhood to look back at their footage to see if they captured anyone suspicious. The incident happened on Purple Martin Cove.