College Station woman calls for action after multiple car burglaries

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - A College Station woman says she's fed up with vehicle burglaries in her area.

Since Thanksgiving, Ana Carolina-Smith says her SUV has been broken into three times.

"They used a screwdriver and broke the window,” said Carolina-Smith.

She says thieves have gotten away with her radar detector and two car stereos.

"It's really weird that they are stealing a radio,” she said. “That's very cheap and very uncommon nowadays."

According to Carolina-Smith, the first break-in happened in November, when dozens of other cars in her complex on Southwest Parkway near Welsh Avenue were also burglarized.

She says the day after she replaced a window on the vehicle, it happened again. The latest break-in happened Saturday.

Now, Carolina-Smith just wants to know who is responsible. She's even begun her own investigation.

"I was asking other residents what time they left, if they saw someone, and I looked for people that have cameras to see if they saw someone trying to break into cars,” she said.

She wants police to find the suspect and her apartment complex to install cameras for safety. Until then she says she won't be installing another car radio.

Carolina-Smith says her doors were locked each time the vehicle was broken into.