BTHO Hate holds debate on hate speech

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TEXAS A&M, Tex. (KBTX)- On Sunday, teams of two from both Prairie View A&M and Texas A&M debated the topic on whether or not universities ought to have the right to ban hate speech on their campuses.

BTHOHate sponsored the event that was held at Texas A&M's Memorial Student Center.

"So we had a debate over whether college campuses should be allowed to ban hate speech, this is at a conference about new fascism and so we want to make sure we engage with the idea of banning ideas and whether or not it's going to be beneficial in one way or another," said Ervin Bryant, a debate student from Prairie View A&M.

The students believe debating the topic is super important due to recent events.

"I believe it's easy to correct an issue the wrong way, and so if we don't really study the issue or how to solve the problems that we see, be it hateful speech, violence, or any particular bad ideas that are getting into our society, if we fight those the wrong way, it will be just as bad if not worse than the ideas being presented in the first place," said Bryant.

The teams picked either for or against the issue and spent an hour going back and forth on the topic. Bryant and his partner were told to debate the negative, which was that they should not be banning any speech, and the other team debated the opposite.

"The whole thing behind this debate is that both teams know that there is no right or wrong...I know that I am not totally right, and our opponents know that they're not totally right but we're going to put on this 'show' so that the audience can tell where the truth is in the middle," said Bryant.