Community mourns the loss of a Bryan father and child

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BRYAN - Community members came together Friday to remember a Bryan man who was killed by an accused drunk driver.

Fabian Guerrero-Moreno and his unborn child died Tuesday night. Friday night many joined together for a candlelight vigil in their memory.

Hundreds of people gathered Friday night to pay respect to Fabian Guerrero-Moreno's life. The outpour of love was diverse, but one thing that was constant was how much Fabian meant to those he knew personally.

Edgar Perez went to school with Fabian from kindergarten through senior year.

"When I heard the news, I was at work. I was in shock. I am still in shock. Still can't believe my childhood friend is gone, because of a bad decision,” said Perez.

Fabian’s family drove in from Austin after losing another family member, Fabian's unborn child.

Fabian’s wife, Kristian, never had the chance to tell him he would be the father to their baby boy. She is recovering from the accident in Austin at this time.

Cody Nelson has known the couple since high school and shared his memories of their wedding.

"I remember watching her walking out, and him crying, and there that smile was. Even though he was crying, he was going to be okay,” said Nelson.

Family members held each other close. Prayers were given, and with the passing of candle light. The crowd of people paid tribute to Fabian and his unborn child, named Fabian Jr.

Family members stayed quiet during the vigil, but one thing was loud and clear. Fabian will be missed.

"I miss that guy already. I wish he was here. This sucks, but we just got to go through it,” said Nelson.

With all the tears, and heartache at Friday’s candlelight vigil, friends and family reflected on something different. The way Fabian always brought joy to their faces, and never tears to their eyes.

"He was a good kid. His smiles, that smile, he had that smile that would make anyone smile,” said Perez.

Kristian continues to recover in an Austin hospital tonight. The accused drunk driver, Shana Elliot is still in jail on $186,000 bond.