Congressional Candidates Forum features 14 candidates from both parties

TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY, Tex. (KBTX)- Fourteen candidates from all around Central Texas participated in the KBTX/KWTX District 17 Candidates Forum on Saturday night.

Three candidates from the Democratic Party and 11 candidates from the Republican Party all answered questions sent in by viewers.

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Selected guests packed Rudder Theater at Texas A&M University, including students from the Bush School of Government and Public Service.

"To just be able to get that behind the scenes look of what actually happens at a debate and getting hear these candidates speak to a very limited crowd as well, is really great for us,” said Dylan Armstrong, President of the Student Government Association at the Bush School.

Both parties had the opportunity to touch on important topics surrounding our country, including the economy, immigration, and healthcare.

"It’s an opportunity that these candidates won't ever get again, especially all together and having both parties here and an audience for both parties here, so this is an unbelievable experience,” said Judy LeUnes, a member of the State Democratic Executive Committee.

Republican Party of Brazos County Chairman David Hilburn says Saturday nights event is a chance for people to see the differences between both parties.

“Someone who may be more middle of the road and may not know much about how they feel, to hear the culmination of all 11 candidates on the Republican side and the three on the Democratic side, is important. They have the chance to decide ‘which primary do I want to vote in?’” said Hilburn.

An opportunity to help make sure the next person to fill Bill Flores’ seat in Congress speaks for the nearly 800,000 people living in the 17th District.

"The House of Representatives is the house for the people. So I think it is logical that the people should have the opportunity to ask the questions, not only certain individuals or certain interests that get to ask the questions but everyday Americans who at the end of the day really do get impacted by the decisions that are made,” said Armstrong.

The last day to register to vote in the race is February 3.

Voting will take place for the 17th District Congressional seat on March 3.