Congressman Flores talks Kavanaugh, tax reform bill and new NAFTA deal

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Congressman Bill Flores is back in Texas and weighing in on the recent changes in Washington D.C., including Judge Brett Kavanaugh being sworn in as the newest Supreme Court Justice.

Democrats and Republicans are both claiming Kavanaugh's confirmation will motivate their voter base for the upcoming midterm elections and Congressman Flores agrees.

"Based on what I'm feeling in the real world, in Central Texas, people are motivated on both ideological sides of the equation, so I think it will have a positive impact on turnout," said Flores. "If anything, given where our base was and where they are now, I think it helps us (Republicans) more."

He expanded on Kavanaugh's contentious confirmation stating politics should stay out of the process and urged both sides of the aisle to come together.

"It's important to focus on the fact that when we pick Supreme Court Justices, it needs to be based on their skills, not on personal destruction. Also, we need to try and rip the tears that we have among the people in the US and try to glue this thing back together," said Flores.

The House recently passed the latest version of the Tax Reform Bill. Congressman Flores believes it will do great things for Brazos Valley families and for the creation of small businesses overall.

"The tax cuts are now permanent for families and for small businesses. It sets up provisions for small businesses so they will have an easier time setting up a retirement plan, meaning families can save earlier and more easily. Finally, there are new provisions so small businesses can write up their start up costs as well," said Flores.

Finally, with things changing with our most immediate neighbors Mexico and Canada, Congressman Flores weighed in on the new trade deal, the US-Mexico-Canada agreement, that could do away with NAFTA.

"All the stakeholders I've talked to, including agriculture, are pretty happy with this deal. It takes NAFTA and brings it into the 21st century," said Flores. "It has updated energy and digital provisions and is going to be great for Texas and the U.S. as a whole."

It still has to be approved by Congress though, and Flores says there will be some hurdles getting it passed as there are more anti-free trade sentiments in Congress than there used to be.