Congressman Flores talks whistleblower and impeachment inquiry

Published: Oct. 3, 2019 at 9:21 AM CDT
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Republican Representative Bill Flores calls the House impeachment inquiry a scheme by Democrats to get rid of President Donald Trump.

The House inquiry into Mr. Trump focuses on a phone call with the president of Ukraine. The Brazos Valley congressman appeared on BVTM Thursday to talk about the latest going on in Washington.

"Plan A for impeachment was Mueller and that failed. Plan B for impeachment was the whistleblower and it's falling apart," said Flores. He says new allegations about the whistleblower contacting the Intelligence Committee before the complaint was released backs up this idea.

Rep. Flores says there are screenshots that someone in the intelligence community changed information on their website to get rid of a requirement about first-hand knowledge for whistleblowers. While the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community says some of the wording was changed back in August, no actual requirements were changed.

First-hand knowledge was never a requirement to submit a complaint. An

found no one has altered any rules.

Flores also came out against a new prescription drug plan from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

"We passed bipartisan bills earlier this year that almost passed unanimously. Before they went to the house floor she put all these toxic pills in it so it became a partisan bill and it died."

The bill would authorize Medicare to negotiate prices, require drugmakers to pay rebates if they raise prices more than the inflation rate, and limit seniors’ copays for medicines to $2,000 a year.