Rep. Kevin Brady talks taxes with Brazos Valley companies

Published: May. 1, 2018 at 4:42 PM CDT
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On Tuesday, Congressman Kevin Brady made his way to the Brazos Valley to speak with businesses about tax reform. He wanted to hear from employees and explain what companies like Tenaska in Shiro can expect from the new tax code.

"We are here to talk about how the new tax code makes companies like this more competitive, more innovative, and grows the economy which is really good for the workers as well," said the Republican. Brady visited the power plant and was welcomed by management and employees who shared concerns.

"This is a chance just to connect with the workers and those who are managing and running the plant. I am really happy that I did get to talk to the employees about the Tax Cuts and Job Act as well as the IRS, " said Brady.

"Getting Americans back to work and getting those jobs in the US is extremely important to us and I know this is just the beginning. I am excited to see how we can improve as a company," said Tenaska CEO Jerry Crouse. The congressman believes that Texas is going to be one of the biggest job creators from tax reform, creating more than 81,000 new jobs for the state alone.

"It's really encouraging. Pay checks are going up, families are getting bonuses. Basically, people can keep more of their hard earn dollars and that's really important to families that are really stretching to make ends meet," said Brady.

"I think our employees are seeing the benefit directly in their paychecks and I think they will see more of that as the year develops and they can kind of grasp what tax reform really means," said Crouse.

"It was exciting to see the interest in the employees and how we are wanting to redesign that agency into a tax payer first agency by reining in the abuses and really making them accountable to tax payers, that's past the House now with almost unanimous support so we're hopeful the Senate can get it to the President's desk," said Congressman Brady.

Brady said the best is yet to come, not only for Tenaska, but the Brazos Valley.

"Now, we are starting to see announcement of jobs coming back to America and to Texas, you know plants, research, manufacturing jobs. All of that is an example of how America is back in a big way," said Brady.