Congressman Kevin Brady visits Navasota, discusses tax code reform

Published: Aug. 16, 2016 at 4:25 PM CDT
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“Love being a part of the Brazos County [sic," said Congressman Kevin Brady. "Of course, I represented this area as a state legislator as well as a congressman so this is home."

Congressman Brady was in among his District 8 constituents at the Grimes County Republican Women town hall meeting – going over the blueprint House Republicans have made to alter the tax code.

“We proposed to go all in for growth," said Brady, "with the lowest tax rates on local businesses in modern history. We proposed a code so fair and simple; most Americans can file on a postcard. And then we proposed to bust up the IRS and what we know that will do is grow jobs, grow paychecks and grow the American economy.”

Another issue at helm – the ongoing battle for and against the high speed rail, which would cross through Brady’s district.

“We fought this hard at the federal level that the high speed rail project," said Brady, "which really destroys our rural lifestyle and our community’s landowners isn’t overseen by Washington, but by Texas, and we won that decision. Now the fight comes back to Texas, and it’s not over yet, but we’re working with our County Judge Ben Leman, Texas Against High Speed Rail and our state legislators in the area who believe this project is wrong for our region as well.”

And as for the race for the White House?

“Elections aren’t just contests of personalities," said Brady. "They’re really a contest of ideas. Ideas on how we get this country back on track. Republican ideas – fixing this broken tax code, reforming welfare to get people back to work, securing our nation against terrorism and other threats, we believe we have the ideas that America supports."