Cotton Harvest Remains Stalled

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) So far, November hasn’t offered cotton farmers much relief from the rains that have kept farmers from picking this year’s cotton crop. Jay Wilder’s cotton has been ready to pick for two months.

“We almost get dry and then we get another half inch or inch and we’re here we go again. Three, three and a half bale average would have been pretty good or really good for us. Today I think two bales and I hope I’m on the really conservative side of that. It still looks good but I know we’ve lost quantity and quality grade has definitely gone down with all of the rain.”

Wilder says that cotton producers get paid on both the yield and grade of their crop.

“When we get rains it will naturally spot the cotton. It ruins or will damage the strength and the length of the fibers.”

Jason Wendler is watching his yields shrink every day.

“The bolls are actually disintegrating on the plant itself and not being able to be harvested. And of what is the lint that is being harvested, the quality is not there because it has started the deterioration process of the lint itself.”

Wilder pointed out that that the grade of the cotton determines what it is used for.

“When we contract our cotton we contract it at kind of a base minimum grade and naturally if we go below that then there’s definitely some discounts there.”

And Wendler has heard some farmers have been given big discounts.

“I’ve heard some cases to where twenty-five cents a pound discount on the cotton and you can believe that because that cotton will not be made for undergarments and shirts.”

And Wilder says some grain crops that have been harvested are growing back because they haven’t been plowed back into the soil.

“Like on our milo that we’ve had that’s regrown, it’s not just causing us to be later in the year, it’s utilizing what nutrients we had left over from this year. It won’t be anything that can be actually be harvested for grain. We possibly could go in and harvest it for a hay kind of crop."