Cracks, crumbling concrete force emergency closure of Century Square parking garage

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX)- The parking garage at Century Square was closed Sunday after parts of the structure began crumbling onto a parked car on Saturday night.

Crumbling concrete and large cracks were seen Saturday night at the Century Square parking garage. The property management closed the garage on Sunday morning.

Video from inside the garage on Saturday night also shows very large cracks in the concrete on the third level.

"We left the movies at Star Cinema and when we walked out to our car we found pieces of concrete from the roof of the parking garage fell on the hood of my car," said Shannon Long.

"Upon looking further we saw that there is a huge crack above and in the ground that you can actually see light through in several places to the floor below," said Long.

Security and police were notified of what happened on Saturday night, but it wasn't until late Sunday morning that the property management ordered that the garage be closed.

Midway, the company that manages Century Square, provided KBTX the following written statement on Sunday afternoon:

"Thank you for contacting us. Our community's safety and comfort is our top priority. We are taking precautions, and while the garage is undergoing inspection and maintenance, there will be no charge for customers parking in the surface lots at Century Square."

Tenants were notified of the garage closure on Sunday by email and were told a third-party engineer would be asked to inspect the garage.