Crayola launches colorful makeup line

In trending news this morning, Crayola launches a beauty line, a teen who's allergic to the sun walks the stage, and NASA makes a big find.

First up, Crayola is branching out into the makeup business. The color company has launched a line of eye shadows, blushes and mascara exclusively for retail site, ASOS.

The Crayola beauty line includes 58 pieces in 95 shades. The makeup ranges in price from $15 to $40.

Also trending, a California teenage with a rare disease was able to walk the stage at her outdoor graduation, despite being extremely allergic to the sun. Riley McCoy has a skin condition known as Xeroderma Pigmentosum, and if even just a little sun hits her body, she could get a severe sunburn and in some cases, skin cancer.

Riley wore a special suit that covered her entire body under her graduation gown. The announcer didn't even get a chance to call her name before the crowd started cheering.

Lastly, NASA announced Thursday that the Curiosity Rover found organic molecules in the soil on Mars. The samples were taken from 3-billion-year-old mudstone.

The Rover also detected Methane in the Martian atmosphere. Methane gas is also present on other places in our solar system that could host life. Researchers say the findings are "breakthroughs in Astrology."