Creating a productive and fun learning environment at home

Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 5:36 AM CDT
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In today’s current climate with COVID-19, the children are at home, and parents and guardians are taking on the roles as educators while schools are closed.

"We all, as parents and kiddos, as a society are going through so much right now," said Bridget Mais, owner of Learning Express Toys of College Station.

Local school leaders from Bryan and College Station, discussed the importance of structure for children while they are at home, and that their day should be similar to that of a school day.

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Therefore, now with adults both balancing their normal roles and plus now the roles as educators, some of them are wondering beyond the provided work from schools, how can I create a productive, but also fun learning environment for my child?

Bridget Mais, both owner of Learning Express Toys of College Station and also a former kindergarten teacher, has suggestions on different ways you create a structured learning environment while also making it enjoyable for your child.

"I don't want parents to feel like they have to do exactly what is being done in the classroom because it is very difficult," said Mais. "First of all the environment is very different than at home, but it has to be what suits you and the kids. As long as you have the same thing happening every day that is structure."

According to Mais, this could look like having your math in the morning then taking a break for recess, lunch, and etc., but the key is when you are doing it.

When it comes to teaching, Mais advises taking both what you know and what you were taught and meet with your child. Then you will find a middle ground together. However, if you have questions, feel free to connect with your child's teacher.

While learning academics are an imperative component, Mais stresses its also important to not forget about taking time for play and creativity.

Taking breaks like recess or brain breaks are valuable because everyone needs to take a timeout and reboot, so you will come back stronger when it is time to get back to subjects like academics, according to Mais.

Creativity is essential, too, and that can be achieved through art, dance, music, etc.

Beyond the school subjects, make sure there is some there is daily time for reading, according to Mais.

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