Cruisin' with Courtney: A cavern and a cafe

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GEORGETOWN, Tex. (KBTX) - If you're looking for breakfast or lunch, The Monument Cafe is staple in Georgetown.

"This is the best place and they really are nice people," said Monument Cafe customer, Sue Ulfers.

"When you're looking for a place that will take you back to a more leisurely time, this is a nice comfort food, traditional type of place to spend a little bit of time," said repeat Monument Cafe customer, James Dilling.

"We've got some famous Monument chocolate pie that'll knock your socks off. Of course chicken fried steak and chicken fried chicken, and we've got some great daily specials that we do," explained David Schuler, the general manager.

The ingredients are fresh and often locally sourced.

"Most people have three places that are important to them. Work, home, and then that third place. We want to be that third place for everybody," said Schuler.

Unfortunately you can't bottle up their hospitality, but you can take home fruits, vegetables, and more from the Monument Market, which is right next door.

After lunch, lace up your tennis shoes and start exploring Inner Space Cavern.

"The cave started forming about 100 million years ago. It actually started forming because of a fault line that is very close to here--inactive fault line though, so no earthquakes, don't worry about that," said Ryan Arnold, the assistant manager of Inner Space Cavern.

The Texas Highway Department, later known as the Texas Department of Transportation, discovered the cavern when they were trying to construct I-35 in 1963. Due to the large amount of rock between the road and the cavern, the discovery didn't change their path.

The cavern has about five miles of tunnels to explore.

"We tell them about the history of the cave, how it was discovered, how it was formed, all about the different types of formations, and lots of good, funny, bad jokes," explained Arnold.

You'll laugh and you'll learn on the tour of the cavern. So head over to Georgetown, the cookin' and caverns are worth the cruise.