Cruisin' with Courtney: Good times in Grandview

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GRANDVIEW, Tex. (KBTX) - If you are looking for a true Texas adventure, head on up to Beaumont Ranch, just south of Fort Worth in Grandview.

"We are kind of like a special event facility, kind of like a dude ranch, we do all kinds of stuff. You can come out and do trail rides, zip lines, ATV tours, archery, sporting clays, and more," explained Spencer Allen, activities manager at Beaumont Ranch.

There is something for everyone to experience on this 800 acre ranch.

To start the day, we saddled up for a trail ride.

"We will go out and actually ride through the trees sometimes or through the creek, depending on the weather, so it's a good fun time for anybody," explained Allen.

When you're ready to pick up the pace, get ready for an extreme ATV tour.

"So it's a six and a half mile cross country course. Cross country meaning of course lots of hills, rocks, trees, under over, around, through, all kinds of crazy stuff," said Devon Kinzie, an activity guide at Beaumont Ranch.

Even if you are a beginner like I was, don't worry, you'll have instruction the whole way through.

"They are very fearful of it at first, but halfway through, they've got the handle on it and they are going just as fast as I can and they are just having a ball and laughing and really enjoying themselves," said Kinzie.

Beaumont Ranch is a place you can hang out for hours, or even spend the night in a cabin. Either way, time on the ranch works up an appetite.

You can head to downtown Grandview to grab a bite to eat at Los Campesinos, a new but highly recommended Mexican food restaurant.

"Mostly the things I suggest are the street tacos and the quesadillas, that's the most popular, or the fajitas," said Maribel Santana, who owns Los Campesinos with her husband George.

From the salsa to the beef in the tacos, everything was fresh and seasoned to perfection.

"They love it. Everyone that comes in here, they go with a smile on their face, they love the food," said Santana.

So cruise on up to Grandview, there's no reason to leave without a little dirt on your boots and a little Tex-Mex in your belly.