Cruisin' with Courtney: Milkshakes and the Milky Way

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CEDAR PARK, Tex. (KBTX) - For this week's Cruisin' with Courtney we headed to Cedar Park to check out an up and coming science museum and grabbed a burger that's a local favorite.

The Texas Museum of Science and Technology was founded in 2015 and includes several exhibits and a planetarium. In the planetarium, you can explore outer space on a 360 degree screen.

"We give live presentations so you can see the night sky and we have an educator telling you about the night sky and what you can see tonight," explained Torvald Hessel, the founder of the Texas Museum of Science and Technology.

Other than the planetarium, you can also check out their current traveling exhibit on King Tut and encounter ancient animals in Timewalk.

"You walk through from the early single celled organisms all the way to modern life," explained Hessel.

Even though the museum has only been open to the public for two years and they have big plans to continue growing.

"It is a type of education that is critically important for kids, for adults, to learn about science and why is science interesting?," explained Hessel.

The opportunities for learning are limitless at the museum, but when you're ready for lunch, Moonie's Burger House is not far away.

"We've just got a good home style burger, all fresh ingredients, and it just keeps people coming back," explained Stuard Ward, owner of Moonie's Burger House.

The Plain Jane and Bacon Cheeseburger are top sellers at Moonie's.

"All of our burgers come with a nice, six ounce patty. I mean they are big burgers. Its a 4 inch sweet sourdough bun, so for five bucks, or $5.29, you can be in and out with a delicious basic burger," explained Ward.

If you're feeling adventurous though, there are always new options.

"What we've really started to do over the past couple of years is ramp up our burger of the month program. So every month we are coming out with something fresh, new, exciting, whether it's based on the season, an event," said Ward.

I went with one of the staple burgers called the California and loved every bite.

At Moonie's, they don't want you to just love the burgers, but their hospitality too.

"We try to get out and make an effort to talk to every customer as they walk in the door and I think that's something that really sets us apart from other places," explained Ward.

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