Cruisin' with Courtney: Fun in Fredricksburg

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FREDRICKSBURG, Texas- When you think of Fredricksburg, most likely, you think of wine...

Chris Brundrett, co-owner of William Chris Vineyards said, "Here in the Hill Country, we have such a diversity of different areas and micro-climates that they all taste different."

There are dozens of wineries in the Fredricksburg area, each with their own flair.

"I think that from the time you drive over the cattle guard into this property I think you feel that," said Brundrett.

The tasting room at William Chris began with an abandoned 100 year old farmhouse and there's a rustic feel to the place.

Chris got his start in wine making at Texas A&M.

"Seven dollars an hour and not a penny more!" "and that was Dr. George Ray McEachern and he and Dr. Cobb, who just passed away unfortunately, were really great mentors of mine in College Station. I made a lot of good and really, really, bad wine there in the labs at Texas A&M," said Brundrett.

Just down the road, you'll find another tie to BCS.

Mary Wright traveled from another town in Texas to spend the weekend in Fredricksburg and made Messina Hof Hill Country one of her first stops.

"Messina Hof is one of my favorite wineries. They have a beau that I really like," said Wright.

Messina Hof Hill Country has a European look, but charm that only comes from Texas!

"We have one of the largest portfolios in the Hill Country and even in the state of Texas, so we have something to suit every palate," said Caitlin Barnes of Messina Hof.

You could continue wine tasting for days around Fredricksburg, but when you need to refuel, head downtown to Tubby's Icehouse!

They have several different flavors of tacos on the menu, some feature a Caribbean taste.

The seating is outdoors and the atmosphere is laid back. It's a place that tourists and locals alike enjoy.

Paula Barnes lives in Fredricksburg and loves visiting Tubby's for their tacos and burgers.

"The food is reasonably priced and tastes really good. You can bring your family. They've got great beers to drink and great burgers," said Barnes.

I went with the carne asada taco and pulled pork loaded french fries and had no regrets!

As you head back towrds BCS, stop in Johnson City and get everyone's wheels turning!

The Hill Country Science Mill provides hands on learning, inspiring kids to discover more about science and technology.

"Science is really about getting your hands in there, it's about problem solving. I think we want them to walk away feeling accomplished," said Holly Barton, Director of Operations at the Science Mill.

There are indoor and outdoor exhibits that children (and adults!) will find interesting!

So head to Fredericksburg, pop a cork and get ready for a good time!

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