Cruisin' with Courtney: sub-zero chills and sky high thrills in Dallas

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DALLAS, Tex. (KBTX) - Our first stop on our cruise up to Dallas is the Zero Gravity Amusement Park.

"You're like floating then you go upside down and you are like looking at the ground while you are traveling down really fast. It's nuts," explained Jacob Ousley, who was visiting the park for the first time.

The Zero Gravity Amusement Park in Dallas has five attractions that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

"There's only three of these in the world. The other two are in South Africa and Denmark. We bring you up 160 feet and it's called the Nothin' But Net because it's literally nothing but net," explained Jameral Edwards, an assistant manager at Zero Gravity Amusement Park.

The Nothin' But Net is a 16 story fall. You wear a helmet, but you do not have a rope attached to you. You ride to the top of the attraction, then you are unhooked and fall into a net that is about 35 feet off the ground.

"Yeah pretty nervous. I didn't know how it was going to go. All the thoughts go through your head like "Oh what can go wrong?" and things of that sort, but once you get over that, real fun," explained LaShad Bradford who tried out Nothin' but Net and the Skyscraper.

If you're into that heart-dropping feeling, Zero Gravity can keep you entertained all day, but when you're ready to cool down, Chills 360 is not far away.

"In Thailand, this type of ice cream is very popular, so we just brought the idea over to America and it's a big hit," explained Nga Dien, an assistant manager at Chills 360.

"Well first it kind of looks like a cinnamon roll because of how they wrap it up. I watch this on YouTube all the time and so when she told me we were gonna come here I was like "Yes!" That's my favorite part when they roll it," said Emma Mattice, who was visiting Chills 360 for the first time.

The look may be different than the scoops we're used to, but the flavor won't disappoint you.

"Our most popular would be the Cookie Monster and our second most popular would be the Pinky Prom-ICE. It's a strawberry, graham cracker ice cream," said Dien.

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