Cyber security expert weighs in on remote learning

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 9:31 PM CDT
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Local cyber security experts say hackers will try to take advantage of everyone adjusting to a different work setup during this pandemic.

Bernie Acre, a cyber security expert with the City of Bryan, says you need to be cautious when working and learning from home.

Acre says it is always smart to make sure the software on the computers being used is completely up to date. Acre says outdated software is an easy way for hackers to get in.

He also suggests not having kids use a work computer, as they may be more likely to click on links or websites that could infect the computer.

"Make sure those computers are being used in a public area in the home. Do not let them go into another room and connect to the WiFi because who knows what kids will end up getting themselves into by accident,” said Acre.

Acre also suggests having separate networks for family members, or even a guest network, to make sure the information on your computers and phones are is less vulnerable.