Hearne High School alumni gather for one last picture at their school

HEARNE - Hundreds of Hearne High School alumni traveled back to the old campus on Wheelock for a final class picture before the school is demolished later this month.

“Basically, all I did was post it on Facebook,” said Kathy Stracener, creator of the Hearne Photo Project Facebook page. “I learned they were tearing the school down. I thought it would be the perfect time to get everyone together for one last picture.”

The old Hearne High School building was built in 1930 and abandoned in 2007. The building has been home to the junior high school, high school and the Boys and Girls Club. After a flood in 2005, officials declared the building a health hazard.

“The sad part is they're going to tear it down,” said Mary Lou Sisson-Kasner. “My dad went to school here back in the 30s. It will be sad to come back and this will be gone.”

Classmates from as early as the 60s came back to the campus Saturday, some even wearing their letterman jackets.

“Yes, it still fits,” said Michael Stovall, Class of 1968. “There were times it didn’t.”

Earlier this week, residents were allowed to bid on memorabilia. Today, some even took pieces of the school home with them.

“High school means a lot to a lot of people,” said Stracener. “We formed our lives then.”

Stracener says photos from Saturday's event will be posted to the Hearne High School Alumni page on Facebook.

School officials say an asbestos abatement will begin February 22. After that, they will start demolition.

Future plans for the empty lot are still in the works. Some ideas being tossed around are to build a field house and a parking lot for football games. Any keepsakes -- things like trophies from the old campus -- may be taken to the current high school.