Law enforcement officers continue non-stop patrols of Franklin disaster zone

FRANKLIN, Tex. (KBTX) - For the fourth night in a row, the City of Franklin is enforcing a mandatory curfew for the area south of Highway 79. That's the area heavily damaged by Saturday's EF3 tornado.

Police officers and deputies have been patrolling the affected areas and say it's been a non-stop cycle.

Deputy Rip Brown with the Robertson County Sheriff's Office was called in Saturday. He says he's never seen a disaster quite like this.

"I put on my uniform and I head down Highway 7," said Brown. "When I crossed the river, it looked like a war zone.”

Since Saturday, he and other deputies and officers have been patrolling the damaged area. They're directing traffic and making sure property is kept safe, while families pick up the pieces.

"There are not a lot of officers here in Franklin,” he said. “Those guys are overworked."

There are seven deputies under Sheriff Gerald Yezak. He says Franklin Police and DPS troopers stepped in to help.

"I had sheriffs call me and offer up there deputies to help. I took some of them up on that,” said Yezak.

In addition to patrols, Yezak says they've had to keep a watchful eye for people trying to prey on tornado victims.

"There have been scams, but there are always scammers,” said Yezak. “We have law enforcement personnel here from the State Board of Insurance. They are here to help anyone who feels they are being scammed."

Monday city officials warned residents to be careful with people walking up to them asking for money.

They caution homeowners to work with their own insurance companies and to notify law enforcement if approached by someone who asks for money or makes you feel uncomfortable.